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TMD, Orofacial Pain & Headaches

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is the name for a condition that causes a multitude of pains and dysfunctions.

The temporomandibular joint disorder is the name for a condition that causes a multitude of pains and dysfunctions. It originates from a poor positioning of the lower jaw in relation to the base of the skull. The malposition causes a cascade of skeletal and muscular compensations from the jaw joint, to the skull and cervical area, and down the spine. It also narrows vital air passages in the nasal and oropharynx resulting in further compromises to the body’s function and alignment.

TMD is part of the broader category of head and neck orofacial pain. This duo is the culprit of an overwhelming amount of suffering and a large percentage of headaches.

These syndromes have been poorly understood for many decades. Fortunately, we are seeing more and more interdisciplinary collaboration and research that have allowed us greater insight than ever before. Because of this, the best results from treatment require a comprehensive, functional analysis, and a team of coordinated specialists.

This is what you will find different and unique and ADA.  Dr. Peterson has spent the last decade studying the whys of dysfunction and the hows of treatment. He has built a team to help those suffering.

Ways we can help you:

Why does it happen?

Typically, a result of malocclusion due to jaw and midface skeletal development, TMD and orofacial pain symptoms stem most commonly from growth adaptations due to airway and tongue posture compromise, changes in weaning, nutrition, activity, and environment in a modern word.

This corruption of skeletal alignment results in adjacent systems taking on more stress and becoming inflamed. This stress affects muscles, nerves, and joints and can carry with it a great deal of discomfort and result in lifestyle-altering conditions.

SphenoCath Treatment Testimonial
Ever since my preadolescence, I’ve been plagued by terrible migraines. There’s little I remember about those days, yet am still able to recall the severity and symptoms of the migraine attacks with precise detail. When I would begin to feel pressure in my head, there was a short timeframe in which I could suppress the brunt of an attack with Ibuprofen, but if I waited too long, the remainder of my day would be spent laying on the couch with a cold compress over my face, praying to soon fall asleep, as it was the only way to truly alleviate my symptoms.

As this cycle has lasted throughout my lifetime, the migraines seemed to decrease in severity while increasing in frequency a tremendous amount. At the time before my treatment with Dr. Peterson, I would have them 4-5 times a week from the moment I woke to the moment I went to sleep. By the end of each day, I would find myself mentally and physically exhausted from the debilitating nature of this condition.

It wasn’t until I happened upon Dr. Peterson’s office for dental work that I had ever even heard of a SphenoCath, much less been given the opportunity to try it. Willing to try anything to alleviate my life long symptoms, I decided to come back and have the procedure.

Although I found the SphenoCath procedure to feel a bit uncomfortable, there was absolutely no pain associated with it, and was over within 15 minutes.

Amazingly, I found relief that very evening. I had become so accustomed to living with migraines that I did not realize how much pain I was subjecting myself to every single day. My energy levels are no longer wasted upon dealing with my headaches, and I don’t go to bed each night hoping I won’t wake up with one tomorrow. In an effort to prevent myself from sounding like a snake oil salesman, there are of course days where I still feel slight head pressure, and the treatment is needed 2-3 times to make the effects more permanent. Though, having taken my fair share of medications and a few procedures to combat my migraines, this is as close to a miracle cure as I’ve found for my particular condition. I would highly recommend the SphenoCath treatment, and Dr. Peterson’s office in general, to anyone suffering from migraines. You will not realize how habitually living with migraines affects your everyday life, until a remedy such as this provides the relief we all deserve.
Jake T.
Satisfied Patient of Dr. Peterson