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Dental Implants

For anyone who has experienced tooth loss, the idea of regaining a natural smile and the ability to eat comfortably can seem like a far-off dream. However, this dream is within reach with modern dentistry, in Park City, Utah. Premier Dental implants in Park City allow our patients to restore chewing and enhance their smiles at Advanced Dentistry and Aesthetics in Park City

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one perhaps the most predictable of all dental services, providing a long-term solution to tooth loss that mimics the look and function of natural teeth. Unlike traditional bridges and dentures that rest on the gumline or are anchored to adjacent teeth, implants— made of titanium or ceramic— are surgically placed in the jaw, creating a robust foundation for artificial teeth. This stability allows for a more natural-looking tooth replacement and ensures comfort and confidence in your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Aesthetics and Functionality: The most significant advantage of dental implants is that they provide a natural look and feel. They can improve your speech and allow you to eat your favorite foods without concerns.
  • Long-Term Oral Health: Implants help to maintain the health of your jawbone. The prosthetic root of the implant stimulates bone growth, making it a healthy option for your long-term oral health.
  • Psychological Well-Being: Beyond the physical advantages, dental implants can positively impact your self-esteem. They restore your smile and confidence, helping you feel more like yourself.


The Dental Implants Process

Your dental implant journey begins with a consultation. During this visit, Dr. Peterson will assess the condition of your mouth, jaw bone will be evaluated with 3-D x-rays, and a custom treatment plan will be developed.  Treatment options and processes will be explained, including pros and cons of available materials.  You will have time to ask questions to ensure you understand and are comfortable with the procedure. 

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dr. Peterson will perform the implant procedure in several stages:

  • Site preparation:  This often includes removal of a bad tooth, laser preparation of the bone to remove diseased tissue and bacteria, PRF to enhance healing and significantly reduce pain, addition of bone and development of healthy gum tissue. 
  • Surgical Placement of the Implant: The implant is placed into the jawbone during surgery. Over the next few months, the bone will bond with the implant in osseointegration.
  • Placement of the Abutment and Artificial Tooth: Once osseointegration is complete, we will place an abutment to hold the new tooth securely.  A customized crown is attached to the abutment. 

Expected Timeline

The implant process can take many months from start to finish. After the initial consultation and preparation stages, implant placement itself is the first step. Following this, a period of healing known as osseointegration must occur. This can take anywhere from six weeks to six months. After the implant bonds with the jawbone, Dr. Peterson will attach the abutment and artificial tooth.


After the procedure, following Dr. Peterson’s instructions for post-operative care is essential. This can include taking prescribed medications, eating soft foods, and maintaining vital oral hygiene. To ensure the longevity and health of your dental implants, you must follow the aftercare instructions and continue to care for your smile with proper at-home care.

Premier Dental Implants in Park City, UT

With dental implant treatment, you can always expect to receive high-end and professional care at Advanced Dentistry and Aesthetics.  Dr. Peterson has been performing implant surgery and restoration since 2005, always with a commitment to providing the highest quality of care available. Dental implants are no doubt an amazing innovation in dentistry, however the attention to detail while preparing the mouth for implants, the quality of the implants used, as well as the expertise of the provider all impact the long term success. Dr. Paul Peterson has undergone extensive training in surgical and restorative dentistry and offers various solutions to help enhance and restore one’s smile, from dental implants to full-mouth restoration. Your smile and oral health are a long-term investment, and dental implants may be the solution that changes your life for the better. Contact our office today and begin your journey of restoring your smile!

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