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Functional Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontics focuses almost completely on teeth alignment. Instead, our approach to orthodontics directs attention to jaw and face development and therefore the root of many dental problems.
Traditional orthodontics focuses almost completely on teeth alignment. Instead, our approach to orthodontics directs attention to the base of oral health and therefore the root of many dental problems. This approach frames malocclusion as a result of inadequate space in the mouth which is resolved through correction of jaw positioning and size. Proper treatment needs to account for the current condition of your jaw joint, posture and nasal and oropharyngeal airways. The foundation of which is our extensive new patient exam and consultation.

Even if you don’t currently have pain or symptoms, it is vital that the approach taken to straightening your teeth and beautifying your smile doesn’t result in them appearing! Historical approaches to orthodontics are one of the largest culprits of TMD, Craniofacial Pain and Headaches.

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Benefits Provided By Orthodontics

An underdeveloped jaw is a developmental problem facing a majority of people. Jaw underdevelopment can lead to a variety of oral health issues, most notably temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), malocclusion, and obstructive sleep apnea. The complications associated with TMD are often painful, while malocclusion causes teeth to become crowded and aesthetically unappealing. An underdeveloped jaw reduces the room for the tongue to rest while asleep, creating an obstruction to breathing. Attending to the root cause of these issues, through a functional approach, relieves stress at the temporomandibular joint, improves breathing, and creates space for teeth to occupy.

Traditional orthodontics can sometimes require unnecessary invasive procedures, such as tooth extraction, to basically straighten the teeth in a narrower space. We will address jaw and spacing issues first, before moving teeth, the final result matches the patient’s facial characteristics, along with providing a beautiful, straight, aligned smile.


Dr Peterson has been providing Invisalign to his patients since 2005.

The Invisalign® process begins by taking digital scans of your teeth. These scans are then used to create virtual, computerized models where Dr. Peterson maps out and plans the intended trajectory of your teeth realignment. Using the scans and models created during the preliminary stages, clear aligner trays are crafted to gradually shift the alignment of your teeth to a more aesthetically desirable location. Each dentist is in control of the way the aligners are used to move your teeth and so it is imperative you understand the approach your provider uses to plan your treatment!

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Early Intervention

By now you must be thinking “What about the kids?” Well so did we! What could be more important than optimizing facial development before symptoms and compromise to body systems occur! Sadly, our modern world is having a huge effect on our children and corruption to development can begin as an infant.

We have designed programs for intervention, arch development and growth correction starting at age 4. Our team is trained and ready to identify and intervene for you little ones. We will help monitor important skeletal development and oral motor function and identify environmental factors as baby teeth come and go and dynamic facial growth is taking place.

Through a combination of therapies and appliances the most amazing results are possible at this age. The best time to intervene is when young. But don’t worry, we have a functional approach for your teenagers also!

For intervention beginning as early as newborns, we are happy to say there are pediatric offices in our state providing these valuable services.