The Importance of The Right Botox Provider

The Importance of The Right Botox Provider

As social media becomes increasingly popular among all age groups, so too do things like plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that once carried a bit of a stigma. Today, getting injectables like Botox is becoming more and more common, not just among women, but among men, too. Botox is a beautiful, natural way to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles for up to six months, creating a more youthful, streamlined look to the face. But before you go rushing out to snag that group discount or incredible “deal” on Botox, make sure you know what you’re getting into, and why where you get your Botox is more important than anything else. Know Your ProviderAs we mentioned before, knowing the source of your Botox care is the most important factor in considering your Botox injections. Getting Botox from a medspa, injection party, or through a group discount deal is just a bad idea. That’s because you don’t know who is doing your injections or what kind of training they’ve had. Some so-called practitioners have only had a few hours of training in injecting, and are not intimately familiar with the musculature of the face. Dr. Peterson offers Botox right in his clinic. As a dentist for many years, he knows the musculature of the face and where to place the Botox to get the safest and most natural-looking results. Make Sure It’s The Real DealOne of the problems with discounted Botox and Botox parties is that you don’t know a) where the Botox is from (it could be counterfeit) or if it has expired. This can pose quite a problem with unnatural results, or even infection. When you get your Botox from a trusted provider like Dr. Peterson you can rest assured you are getting authentic, fresh Botox, injected by a skilled professional. In Case Of Emergency…What would you do if you had Botox at a party and ended up developing a severe allergic reaction? Who would you call if the person doing the injections was not a medical practitioner and couldn’t provide details regarding what you were given and where? When you choose Dr. Peterson there is not only accountability, but the highest safety standards. In the rare instance, you have a bad reaction to this extremely safe cosmetic product, Dr. Peterson is available to assist you in any way possible, though the chances of this are far less likely with a skilled professional. If you are ready to try Botox or to switch providers, please contact Dr. Peterson’s office for a consultation today!

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