Elderly Dental Health Care

Elderly Dental Health Care

As we age, many things in our lives change, including our routines. Whereas when we were younger we might work a daily 9-5 job, rush around to kids’ extracurricular activities, and crash into bed late at night. Our senior years tend to be a bit more relaxed but dental care for the elderly can still be a comittment. Maybe we don’t have a set wake-up time, a daily job to go to, or kids living at home to look after. But despite these big life changes, some things remain the same, such as the need to care for our oral health. But did you know that as we age, even our oral health routine should change a little, too? Here are some tips for maintaining excellent oral health well into your advanced years.

Keep on Brushin’

Brushing your teeth twice a day for a minimum of two minutes each time is an essential rule of thumb that won’t change as you get older, however what might change is how you brush, eg, what strength of brush bristle and which motions to use while brushing. That’s because the gums can change over time, and as more teeth become replaced with fillings, caps, crowns, implants, and other composites they may require different care. Check with Dr. Peterson at your next appointment to make sure you are brushing correctly and with the right bristle strength brush.


Flossing has always been important, but it is more important as we age, as rates for gum disease increase. Be sure to floss between each tooth (yes, even the top two front teeth!) at least once a day, preferably before bed.

Come on In

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you’re not busy, but be sure to make time for your regular dental checkups and cleanings. Even if you have dental implants or dentures regular appointments are vital to your oral health and overall well-being.

Denture Care

If you do wear dentures, be sure to keep them clean and bring them in for your regular checkups so that Dr. Peterson can assess their condition. This includes looking for loose teeth, chips, or cracks in the dentures themselves.If you are a senior and have any questions or concerns about caring for your oral health, please contact Dr. Peterson’s office today.

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