CPAP Recall Update

CPAP Recall Update

For those who use a Phillips brand CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy machine, the news of a recall in 2021 came as a shock. While not all Phillips models were recalled, many of their more popular CPAP machines were recalled due to a foam used inside the machine that could cause cancer or respiratory issues over time, as the foam degrades and the patient inhales small particles. While the manufacturers promised replacement machines within a year of the recall, an estimated 69 percent of those with recalled units have received their replacements, with the company promising 90 percent this fall.Still, for many CPAP users, this is too little too late. Many have been forced to use their recalled machine for lack of a replacement, while others have switched brands and still more have stopped using CPAP therapy entirely.The latter poses a significant health risk as well, as leaving sleep apnea untreated can be extremely dangerous, or even deadly.Continuous positive airway pressure therapy treats obstructive sleep apnea by forcing air into the airway, propping the collapsed airway open. Sleep apnea symptoms include snoring, gasping for air during sleep, repeated waking, daytime lethargy and cognitive impairment, depression, and can worsen many medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, and some cancers.Thankfully, CPAP therapy is not the only treatment available to sufferers of sleep apnea. Dr. Peterson offers a solution that many people prefer to CPAP. A mandibular orthotic device that is custom molded to your individual mouth can prop the airway open naturally, eliminating the need for CPAP or forced air.These devices are easier to clean, more convenient to travel with, do not require electricity, and are generally found to be much more comfortable than CPAP machines are.If you have a recalled CPAP machine, speak to your doctor about the risks of using the machine versus not treating your sleep apnea. If your doctor gives the okay, speak to Dr. Peterson about a custom made mandibular advice for your sleep apnea needs.To schedule a sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Peterson, please contact the office today.

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