Celebrities Work To Destigmatize Injectables

Celebrities Work To Destigmatize Injectables

In a world where plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures can still be taboo, it’s refreshing to see a popular figure or celebrity come out in favor of, or admitting to having “work done”. It not only shows them in a more human light, it definitely destigmatized these procedures for the average patient. Such is what happened when popular daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa went on the record about coloring her hair and getting Botox in her new book Live Wire: Long Winded Short Stories. For those paying attention, Ripa’s use of Botox is flawless and natural looking, allowing her to still look as though she is aging gracefully, but with less of the fine lines and wrinkles that bother her.Ripa isn’t the only one getting candid about her cosmetic procedures, either. Even men are discussing their journey with fillers, including pop star Joe Jonas, who not only uses a filler he also is a representative for the product.This is all good news for the rest of us. Destigmatizing fillers shows us that its okay to want to look more youthful and refreshed, and that it’s not something to be ashamed of.If you are looking for a practitioner to inject Botox, it can be daunting to find someone you can trust. With med spas popping up in strip malls and group discount sites promising big savings, it can be easy to be lured away to someone who is less than qualified to inject, but the good news is that Dr. Peterson now offers Botox injectables to his patients.Botox is a safe treatment that lasts up to six months, and helps to eliminate the look of fine lines and wrinkles in the treated area. The benefits of getting Botox from Dr. Peterson is that when you choose him, you are choosing a doctor who knows the musculature of the face better than most, and certainly better than those med spa practitioners who likely only have a few hours of training.Using lotions and potions can only go so far, you need a solution that helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, please contact Dr. Peterson’s office for an appointment today.

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