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Every tooth is composed of two parts — the crown and the root. Your crown is the visible part of your tooth, and the root remains unseen while holding your tooth in place.

When a tooth is lost, you immediately begin to lose the part of your jawbone that held the tooth in. You might not feel any different or notice it happening, but the bone is lost quickly. Another bad thing that begins to happen right away is that your other teeth shift to fill the space left by the missing tooth. This not only causes your bite to be wrong, but this can also make you look a lot older than you are as your face begins to collapse. Replace your teeth with dental implants from Dr. Paul Peterson at Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Park City, Salt Lake City, Midway and Heber City, UT.

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Replace Teeth with Dental Implants

Dental implants are used if you need to replace your entire tooth, including both the crown and the root. Dental implants are as permanent a solution for your tooth loss that we have to offer.

Dental implants involve reconstructing your missing teeth along with their supporting structures. The technology, skills and materials have advanced to a point where dental implants are predictable and long-lasting.

Your dental implants will look and feel as much like your natural teeth as possible. Dental implants allow you to speak, eat, and smile with renewed confidence.

If you are considering having dental implants placed, a good place to start is with Dr. Peterson in Park City, UT. In many cases, he will be able to place the dental implants and put the crown on the implant. With the materials and techniques that Dr. Peterson has used for the past 10+ years, he is able to restore your tooth with a crown on the implant in 5-6 weeks instead of the traditional wait of 4-6 months. Sometimes he will work with an oral surgeon or periodontist that places the dental implants. Dr. Peterson will plan the case so that the dental implants are placed in the ideal location for a terrific esthetic and functional final result.

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