Teeth Whitening Questions

What kinds of teeth whitening options are available?

You have probably seen dozens of teeth whitening products in stores, ranging from rinses to toothpastes to gels. These weak bleaching agents have contact with your teeth for only a few minutes. The weaker strength and short contact time gives them little ability to whiten.

The safest and most effective whitening agents are available through dentists. Because of these solutions’ higher peroxide concentrations, they should be used only as instructed or administered by a qualified dentist.

Custom-made trays are a better alternative, providing you use them as directed by your dentist. Unfortunately, many people cannot adhere to the recommended procedure, and end up with less than optimal results.

BriteSmile is one of the most commonly used teeth whitening solutions. This process involves using a curing light to activate the solution and is done during an in-office visit. Stubborn stains or discolorations may improve by following up with take-home trays that you use at night, for about two weeks.

Does Dr. Peterson offer laser teeth whitening?

No. At Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry we have the technology to perform laser enhanced whitening, however Dr. Peterson prefers BriteSmile/Zoom!2 because he has seen the best results with this system for his patients. They are able to get the most activation out of their material with the lowest concentrations using a visible light to activate the material.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

Dr. Peterson applies four rounds of light activated gel, each over a 20-minute period. Altogether, your procedure will take about 90 minutes.

Is teeth whitening painful?

Generally, teeth whitening is painless for most people. Some will have enough discomfort for the first 24 hours to need to take a few Advil. Very rarely will someone have more pain than that. Anti-sensitivity toothpaste generally relieves any discomfort. Dr. Peterson can administer a stronger anti-sensitivity agent, if that occurs.

How many shades whiter can I expect from whitening treatment?

You and your teeth are unique. While the degree of improvement can be up to 10 shades lighter from a single visit, many factors affect how much your teeth can be whitened. Some medications darken teeth, and your natural enamel color, stains from coffee, red wine, berries, or tobacco may limit the amount of improvement possible. Some colors in teeth are harder to whiten than others.

Are there any alternatives to teeth whitening?

Yes. Porcelain veneers and prepless veneers, can be chosen in any color you like. This is an excellent way to achieve, with certainty, the whiteness you want.
If you have stained or yellowed teeth and would like a brighter smile, please contact us at Advanced Dentistry for a personal consultation on teeth whitening in Park City or Salt Lake City, Utah.

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