cosmetic dentistry salt lake city

Award Winning Cosmetic Dentist

Every year hundreds of the best and highest trained cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction specialists from around the world gather for a three-day conference of the IAPA (International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics). Every year there is a contest involving 4 categories, judged by the 9-10 board member of the IAPA.  Categories include 1.) Anterior Aesthetics,  […]

TMJ/TMD Treatment Park City, UT

How to Ease Symptoms of TMD

You may like to have a clicker for your television, car, and surround sound, but the last thing you want is to have a jaw that gives off the same tune. As a condition that causes your jaw to click, ache, and swell, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is something that Dr. Paul Peterson has specialized […]

Cosmetic Dentistry Park City, UT

How to Get a Selfie Worthy Smile

If you aren’t on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, you don’t exist in the world of social media. By gaining followers and interacting with others online, daily doses of social media can increase your serotonin levels and make you instantly feel happier. To master social media. However, you need to be able to take the perfect […]

Keep your Mouth Healthy, your Body will Thank you

There are several rewards for maintaining good oral health: fresh breath, more attractive teeth, the absence of tooth or gum pain. According to published research, the benefits of oral health don’t stop at the mouth. There is also evidence that healthy teeth and gums can promote whole-body health, decreasing your risk for serious health concerns, […]

Take a Look Inside your Dental Checkup

Dental checkups are important to the appearance, function, and comfort of your teeth and gums. As much as you may know this, the entire routine of visiting the dentist every six months may seem monotonous and, well, unnecessary. Let’s take a look inside the average dental checkup to see what really goes on during these […]

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