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More Patients Reporting Stress Related Dental Problems

There’s no denying we’re living in stressful times- and it’s not just in our heads. Stress can take its toll on us in different ways throughout the body. For some of us it appears in the form of tension headaches or muscle aches, while others engage in stress-related behaviors that we may not even realize […]

Treating Sleep Apnea Could Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk

A recent article in the Journal of the American Heart Association authored by Esra Tasali, MD, Director from the Sleep Research Center at the University of Chicago Medicine, and Sushmita Pamidi, MD of McGill University in Montreal has revealed a connection between treating obstructive sleep apnea and reducing cardiovascular disease in adults. The study examined […]

Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer’s Disease

Sleep apnea can cause many problems, both while we’re awake and while we sleep. The condition, which is categorized by stopping and then restarting breathing repeatedly throughout the night. Sleep apnea affects more than 936 million people around the globe, and it affects up to 30 percent of elderly people. Sleep apnea can be responsible […]

Do I need to wear a nightguard?

Many patients who come into the office of Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Park City, Utah complaining of chronic headaches, pain in the jaw joint, and breakage of natural teeth and restoration may not have an explanation as to what is happening. Dr. Paul A. Peterson understands how frustrating this can be, but can evaluate the […]

Metal Amalgam Fillings Could Cause Allergies

Should you get a metal amalgam filling? Though this type of filling has lost popularity in recent years thanks to the resin amalgam filling which looks and feels more natural, metal amalgam fillings are still used on occasion. Though they are effective, metal amalgam fillings come with some drawbacks, as a recent case in the […]

Is Diamine Fluoride A Good Solution To Cavities?

A lot has been mentioned in the news lately about a dental breakthrough called diamine fluoride. Popular in other countries, diamine fluoride is just now making it to the United States, and is beginning to be used in lieu of fillings in some patients – mostly senior citizens. Diamine fluoride is similar to a fluoride […]

The Fluoride Debate Goes International

Here in the United States, many communities are at odds over a common ingredient in many water supplies and oral health products: fluoride. Whether its added to your community’s water supply or simply added to your toothpaste, many people are unsure about the ingredient, and are either for it or against it. Those who are […]

Cancer and Gum Disease

You already know your oral health is important. Poor oral health can lead to cavities, gum disease and worse. That’s why it’s not just important to have a mouth that looks good – you must take care of your oral hygiene, too. After all, what’s the point of investing in a smile makeover if you […]

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Nobody likes losing teeth. Whether they fall out on their own or they need to be pulled due to damage or decay, losing teeth can be painful and damaging to your self confidence. It can also cause further damage to your gums and jaw. But before you give up hope and resign yourself to missing […]

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