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Sam found Dr. Peterson and ACD through a friend. She had damaged worn and discolored teeth that she found people staring at any time she started a conversation. This made her think twice about smiling and made her more reserved. Being in the service industry and a natural happy outgoing personality, she decided it was time to do something. We were all emotional when we delivered her new smile!

Deanne was looking for improvement to her smile. She had concerns that veneers may look fake, or that people would know she had her teeth done. After consulting with Dr Peterson and his team, and coming up with a plan, she was comfortable that she wouldn’t be disappointed. They decided together on color, value and shape. They looked at photos of many teeth and smile design catalogs. Deanne was then able to preview the plan with a wax mock up and custom temporaries designed to reflect the final goal. Together they decided to stay true to the natural shapes of her teeth, but make some enhancements. To improve on the color, and how to characterize her teeth while avoiding mistakes made in other veneers that make them look fake or obvious. 10 veneers were placed and she got the natural beautiful smile she wanted.  Best of all it looks like she was born with it!

Recently a new patient came in for a cosmetic consult who knows Deanne personally. Her comment when we were sharing photos with her, “Oh my gosh, she has the most beautiful smile! I never knew she had veneers!”

Deanne is now using Invisalign to straighten her lower front teeth.

“My favorite compliment is when people tell me how beautiful my smile is and they have no idea I have veneers.”

– Deanne

Allen’s video testimonial can been found on our home page. His veneers were part of a Neuromuscular Reconstruction you can learn more about on that page. Allen’s bite was so destructive the restorations on his back teeth were failing and all his teeth were getting shorter and shorter year by year. Allen was only in his mid 30’s, he realized something needed to be done. Every detail of his esthetic reconstruction was personalized to Allen. His treatment also included a MicrO2 sleep appliance. Allen describes his experience as “life changing.”


Sharon is one of our Park City locals. She was unhappy with the color of the dentistry on her front teeth, despite multiple attempts by other offices she was not happy with the results. Sharon debated between redoing the previous work and a more comprehensive smile makeover. In the end her treatment included some laser gum contouring, professional in office whitening, and 10 upper veneers.


Jaysen called our office after online research. He was unhappy with yellow gapped smile. He spends a lot of time in front of a video camera for his profession and was ready to have his teeth ready for the camera before beginning a new session of recording. He now has the confidence he needs to speak and smile in front of any audience!

Debra came to our office unhappy with the wear and color of her teeth. She went through Invisalign treatment with Dr Johnson to improve the position of her teeth that lead to the excessive wear over the years. As Dr Johnson retired she meet with both Doctors and continued her treatment with Dr Peterson. She decided on Zoom whitening, 10 upper veneers and some fillings. Dr Peterson also placed and restored an implant for a missing tooth. Debra wanted her teeth to look like they did before she wore them down. Dr Peterson worked closely with Debra and the lab using old high school photos to give her exactly what she wanted. Now Debra enjoys a beautiful, natural, truly custom smile.

“My veneers are beautiful!  I couldn’t be happier!  It took me awhile to get used to the way they felt in my mouth, since my teeth were so worn down, but once I did, amazing. You are an incredible dentist! You also have an amazing staff.  I always felt very comfortable and safe while I was at your office.  That isn’t always possible when it comes to visiting the dentist, but I knew with you and your staff, I was in very competent, qualified hands.  I thank you for my new smile!”

– Debra

Poor Ashley had veneers done twice elsewhere in Utah. The first time they were so unattractive she insisted they be redone. The second set was then placed only to have them breaking, falling off, and turning black underneath in just months. When one broke and the original doctor couldn’t get a replacement to match she gave up on that office and tried a second dentist. That resulted in the front left tooth that doesn’t match the others. Even though unhappy, it took Ashley a year to decide to take up the search for a new dentist to help her get the healthy beautiful smile she wanted. Almost a year later her research brought her Dr. Peterson. It was his gallery of photos that made her feel comfortable to reach out to a dental office again.

Her treatment included smile design preplanning, laser gum contouring to level out her smile, Zoom! whitening, removing the bad veneers with a laser (instead of a drill) and beautiful new veneers designed with all the details she requested!


Greg’s veneers were part of a complete reconstruction.  He was unhappy with the wear on his teeth and the quality of his “same day crowns.”  His regular general dentist had talked to him about esthetic and reconstructive treatment but Greg decided to research for someone with more training.  You can lean more about his bite reconstruction in the neuromuscular section.

Greg was very involved with every feature of the anterior teeth.  The color, shape, opacity, and surface detail.  Dr. Peterson worked closely with Greg to fine tune the design and then with the lab until the final result reflected the vision Dr Peterson and Greg envisioned. Dr Peterson and the ceramist dialed in details with the wax up and temporaries.  Verified appearance, speech and comfort, and then turned that into a beautiful final result!

This patient had consulted with Dr. Johnson a few years prior. She had veneers done by another dentist in Salt Lake but wasn’t happy with the way her smile looked and she wanted to know if anything could be done. He sister had beautiful veneers done by Dr. Johnson so she returned to consult with Dr. Peterson. Her teeth had shifted and the veneers didn’t look natural. With a wedding photo shoot quickly approaching she was hoping for good news. Dr. Peterson spoke to her not only about her cosmetic goals but also the headaches, neck pain, and other neuromuscular symptoms she was suffering from. She was able to get a beautiful smile in time for her wedding photos and relief from her pain and symptoms with a neuromuscular MicrO2 sleep appliance. Her treatment plan included veneers on upper and lower teeth and laser contouring of her gums.

Veneer cases do not always involve 8-12 teeth. This pt was unhappy with his aging crowns on his front two teeth. The color was too yellow and the clarity didn’t match his natural teeth. The lateral teeth, (on either side of the center two,) were also slightly undersized. After a discussion of options during our consultation he decided on replacing his two crowns and veneering the laterals. He got a great looking natural result and the improvement he was hoping for.

This man had been a patient of Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry for many years, and had taken care of his other needs, but when he found he was starting to hide his teeth and smile less, he decided he was ready to do something about it. He came in asking “What can you do for my smile? I don’t want to do a bunch of veneers.” He told us he was unhappy with the break down of his front two teeth as well as the general wear and staining.
His treatment included tooth whitening with Zoom!2, porcelain veneers on his front two teeth, and laser clean up of the worn and stained areas followed by tooth colored fillings. At his follow up visit he told us “I am so glad I did this, I am happy with my smile again and I look at least 10 years younger!”

Julie was in for a cleaning and x-rays at Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry when it was discovered she had a rare situation call root resorption. This meant that one of the roots of upper front teeth had “eaten itself away” and the tooth was ready to fall out at any time! Julie decided to have an implant placed but also decided it was time to improve her smile. Julie had an extreme “cant” of the front section of her upper jaw. Options were discussed, and Julie asked Dr. Peterson to place porcelain veneers. In addition, Dr. Peterson used one of his lasers to recontour the bone around the uneven teeth to level her smile much more than the veneers alone could accomplish. The oral surgeon who removed Julie’s tooth and placed the implant did not have enough time to get it ready for a new crown before Julie left the state for a few years, (you can see the metal color of the cap he placed on the implant showing on her top left tooth second front the center.) Dr. Peterson was able to restore Julie’s smile with a bridge over this area until Julie can return and have a single tooth crafted for the implant. Julie was so happy with the results and a plan that worked with her schedule. When she returns home, Dr. Peterson will be able to finish rebuilding the implant and get rid of the dark shadow in her gums.


Jordan may not have started with teeth as unsightly as most on this site, however she was unhappy with her smile. After consulting with Dr. Peterson, it became clear that her displeasure was due to the size, shape and angulation of the teeth. Jordan had very specific goals for her smile and she knew Dr. Peterson was listening and understood. We pre planned her smile design and gave her temporaries that replicated the plan. In Jordan’s case we had multiple follow ups with the temporaries changing them slightly each time and even remaking them before moving forward to finals. We listened, and Jordan got exactly what she wanted!!

This patient had intrinsically stained teeth, recession she wanted to hide, and poorly matching unsightly crowns on her front two teeth. She decided on enough veneers to cover her smile display. After tooth whitening, smile design wax up, temps made to her new smile design, (during which time her family gave her lots of positive feedback, and the patient’s final approval, her final veneers were custom crafted. She LOVES her new smile!

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