I first saw J.P. for a consult in 2005. He is the brother of a dental hygienist I worked with. She saw the great results I was getting for my Invisalign patients and sent her J. P. in to see me. She had no idea if anyone would be able to help him. After a thorough examination I came up with a treatment plan of how we could reach JP’s goals and get rid of his “Bull Dog” bite. J.P. was definitely one of the most challenging and rewarding patients I have helped in 10+ years of using Invisalign. His treatment was close to two years.

Jeff came to see me in 2013. Both he and his wife were looking to improve their smiles and choose Invisaglin. He was concerned with the crowding in his smile and the wear his teeth were showing because of the misalignment. As a result he was hiding his teeth and had a very reserved smile. Jeff was a great patient who was very good about wearing his aligners as recommended. He got the result he was hoping for and more! His wife was really happy with her husband’s improved appearance. His treatment was about 10 months. With the protocols we use today and advancements in Invisalign, his treatment time now would be closer to 7 months. You can see in his after photo Jeff was smiling with more confidence. I included an after photo of Jeff wearing his aligners at the end of treatment. In Jeff’s treatment small tooth colored fillings were used on the surface of his front teeth to help get the movement we wanted. These are called attachments. They are common to use in hidden locations on back teeth and less commonly used on the front teeth.

Mike was my Optometrist in California. He is one of the nicest men I have ever known. Mike is always laughing and telling jokes, but his “snaggle tooth” K-9 was really affecting his smile and appearance. Mike start wearing his aligners in November and was done by June of the next year. The 8-9 months passed quickly and then Mike had a smile that is infectious. Notice the change before and after.

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