Because of the incredible outdoor recreation opportunities in Park City we see more than the average amount of broken front teeth. Additionally, when these unfortunate accidents happen, people want to find the most skilled aesthetic dentist.  This means a large number of our new patients call because they have just fallen victim to going over the handle bars or wiped out on the half pipe, (like the poor guy who’s photo your looking at.)

Fixing a broken tooth is easy, but making it look like it never happened is not.  This is not a veneer made in a lab by a ceramist. It is special tooth colored filling material, built directly on the patients tooth, immediately after the accident. In most cases, as in the one presented here, it takes layering of different materials, placed and shaped perfectly, and then custom surface staining.  Without the final staining this patient would have a visible repair to his tooth.  Final custom staining involves a technique very few cosmetic dentist even have the materials in their office to perform.  Fortunately for this patient his busted front tooth won’t be the first thing people notice.

This pt came to consult with us after her husband had his back teeth reconstructed and esthetic bonding on his front teeth. She didn’t like how narrow her teeth were at the gumline and the orange color that showed due to a little gum recession over time. These spaces were also collecting food particles that would show when she spoke or smiled. She wanted the most conservative option possible. Dr. Peterson did a demonstration on one tooth to show what the teeth would look like with bonding and she asked us to start right away! Dr Peterson used our Er:Yag laser on a non-cutting setting to disinfect the areas being bonded to and enhance the bond strength so the filling will have the longest possible life. We love our technology!

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