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What You Should Know About The TikTok Veneer Check Trend

Even if you don’t have an account there, you may have heard of the wildly popular social network TikTok, a site where users can create their own videos and post them for likes. Currently, TikTok boasts approximately 850 million users around the globe and has been known to launch viral video trends – some of which have made headlines, like the Idaho man who went viral for his skateboarding video earlier this fall.

But not all TikTok trends are good. For example, a new trend has emerged where young adults are showing off their filed-down teeth pre-dental procedure and scaring would-be patients out of procedures like veneers.

Dubbed the “veneers check” trend, many dentists are warning patients that the trend is dangerously misleading, because the teeth don’t really need to be filed down that much for veneers, and most of these patients are exhibiting teeth filed down for crowns, not veneers.

Veneers are micro-thin sheets of porcelain that are fitted over the existing teeth to change the shape and color of the natural tooth. They can even adjust the appearance of the alignment of the teeth. Conversely, crowns are fillings or caps that fit over an existing, filed down tooth that acts as what some dentists refer to as “the Cadillac of fillings.”

So while the filed down veneers check trend may be interesting to look at, it’s definitely not always accurate, and certainly could influence someone who wants to get veneers.

Dentists are also cautioning those considering veneers to plan for the future, as they are not permanent and will likely need to be replaced within 20 years. This added investment could be a financial burden if not properly budgeted for, so make sure you are prepared to commit to veneers if you decide to get them.

As for caps or crowns, these are usually done on an as-needed basis, if a tooth requires more serious intervention due to a very bad cavity or a broken tooth. Crowns may also need to be replaced eventually, so be sure to care for your teeth by brushing and flossing. Don’t think that just because you have a crown you don’t need to care for it. Make sure the gums are well cared for, as healthy gums will protect the natural tooth underneath the crown.

To learn more about the difference between crowns and veneers, or to schedule your own consultation for either dental restoration, please contact Dr. Peterson’s office today.

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