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How to Choose the Right Shade of Veneer for You

veneersThe last thing you want when getting dental veneers is to look like a scene out of comedy where your teeth are too big and too white. Dental veneers are a perfect way to quickly and easily transform crooked, missing, chipped, or discolored teeth in almost an instance. If you are unsure about what shade of veneer you should be getting, Dr. Paul Peterson can help you. From considering you teeth’s natural color to the color of your skin, this article will discuss a few tips to help you choose the right shade of veneer for you. Read on to learn more.

Your Natural Teeth

If your teeth are tinged a grayish color because of a medication like a tetracycline that you took as a child, you likely have no idea what color your natural teeth look like. If, however, you do know what your color your teeth looked like before they started to get discolored, look to that shade as a reference. Although you may want to go a shade or two brighter than your teeth’s natural color, use it as a benchmark. And always remember that the more natural your veneers look, the better.

The End Game

Have you always wanted sparkling white teeth? Are you more inclined to think others teeth are more attractive because of their whiteness? When choosing a shade of veneer, keep your objective in mind— that way you won’t be disappointed with your outcome.

Your Skin Color

The lighter your skin is, the whiter your dental veneers are going to have to be. Whereas if you have a tanned or dark complexion, you can get veneers that aren’t as white because of the stark contrast. Always keep the color of your complexion in mind when considering what shade of veneer to get.

Dr. Paul Peterson has years of experience helping individuals choose the right shade, size, and shape of dental veneers. If you are unsure about what shade of veneers you should get, consider the suggestions listed above. To learn more about these and other cosmetic dentistry concerns, contact Dr. Paul Peterson today!


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