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FAQs about Veneers

 Veneers Park City, Heber, & Salt Lake City, UTChipped teeth, crooked teeth, yellow teeth, small teeth— whatever problem you have with your teeth, it’s fair to say that Dr. Peterson can change just about any cosmetic concern in the book. One of the best ways t to fix multiple cosmetic concerns at once is with some dental veneers. As small, porcelain shells that we glue onto your teeth, porcelain veneers can almost instantly transform your smile. As a fun way to help you learn a little bit more about veneers, Dr. Peterson has answered some frequently asked questions about them.

FAQ: Are they for everyone?

No, dental veneers aren’t for everyone, but they are ideal for patients who just have cosmetic concerns. If, however, you have missing teeth, cracked teeth, or teeth that need to be pulled, we may recommend another alternative like dental implants.

FAQ: Will they Look Fake?

Fake is not the name of our veneer game. One of our main goals is to ensure that you not only get veneers that you like, but that you get veneers that look natural as well. From the shape to the color, we will match you with veneers that will transform your smile in a natural looking way.

FAQ: Are they Covered By Insurance?

Typically, veneers are not covered by dental insurance, but that’s because they are usually cosmetic. The best way to find out is to call your insurance company before you come into our office and then our billing department can discuss everything else with you in more detail.

FAQ: How Can I Pick the Right Color?

Depending on where you’re getting the veneers and how many you are getting, it will help us determine whether or not we need to match them to your existing teeth or if we can just pick a new shade entirely. During your initial consult we will go over all of these details to help you land on the right veneer for your mouth.

Are you ready to schedule your cosmetic dental consultation with us? If so, call our Park City office today at (435) 658-0678.

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