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Time to Upgrade to Resin Fillings?

There are many things from childhood that have gone by the wayside in recent decades. Big, bulky cathode ray televisions, rotary dial phones, and, in many cases, those telltale metal tooth fillings that stood out like a sore thumb. Thankfully, today we have replacements that are even better than the originals. Flat-screen TVs, cell phones and resin fillings that blend naturally to the look and feel of our teeth have become the new normal.

That’s not to knock metal fillings. Despite being dark and obvious, they are still very durable and last a long time. But they have also caused some patients problems such as allergic reactions, which can be very problematic when the metal is attached to your teeth. You could have a metal allergy if you experience itching, a rash or dermatitis. In fact, metal allergies are more common than you might think. An estimated 30 percent of Americans present some sort of allergy to metals – most commonly to nickel, an ingredient found in metal amalgam fillings. Metal fillings may also contain mercury, another ingredient that people have shown sensitivity to in recent years.

Perhaps thankfully, metal fillings were meant to be replaced eventually, allowing those with allergies to get relief, and allowing patients with obvious fillings to replace their metal fillings with resin for a beautiful, natural look.

Metal fillings can be replaced as part of routine dental care once they begin to show decay around the filling, or as part of a smile makeover. A makeover may include orthodontics, veneers or other dental work designed to give you a healthy, beautiful smile. Regardless of why you choose to remove your metal fillings, the good news is that you don’t have to wait to replace them. You can have them switched out at any time, creating that healthy white smile you’ve always dreamed of.

If you have metal fillings and are suffering from a metal allergy, or you just feel like the time is right for a smile makeover, contact Dr. Peterson’s office to schedule a consultation to get those dark metal fillings replaced with tooth-colored resin. Resin fillings are just as durable as their metal counterparts and can last approximately five to seven years before they need replacing.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Peterson, please contact the office at 435-658-0678.

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