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Tips for Easing TMJ Dysfunction Pain

If you suffer from the pain and stiffness of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, you probably already know that the pain can be difficult to ease. Over-the-counter medications sometimes work, but many people become desensitized to them over time. Some just don’t find relief at all. Thankfully there are other options for temporomandibular joint relief that may still work or may work better than over-the-counter pills. Here are some suggestions you can try at home and at Dr. Peterson’s office to help find some TMJ dysfunction relief.


Icing your jaw may not work well if your jaw is already stiff, but it can help if there is radiating pain. While some recommend a traditional ice pack or even a bag of frozen peas, other people have recently tried ice rollers – devices that massage and cool at the same time. Best of all, they’re reusable, and you can get one for a minimal investment of around $20.


Warm compresses are another option for TMJ dysfunction relief and can be especially helpful in easing the pain and tension of stiff jaw muscles. It works because it warms the muscles, helping to soften them up. Try using a heating pad or a microwaveable compress to achieve results.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t just for your limbs and back – it can be for your jaw too. While it’s not for everyone some patients have found relief with jaw exercises. Speak to Dr. Peterson about his recommendations for using physical therapy to treat your temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

TMJD Orthotics

Orthotics are devices that are custom fit to your mouth and hold the jaw in the correct position to realign it. These can be made for you in Dr. Peterson’s office and provide lots of relief of your TMJ dysfunction symptoms.

TMJD Treatment

For those looking to permanently end the pain and discomfort of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, there is a permanent solution. This treatment is customized to your individual mouth and situation but typically can include orthodontics, orthotics and a combination of other treatment options. If you are suffering from TMJ dysfunction or think you may be, speak to Dr. Peterson at your earliest convenience about beginning a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

Dr. Peterson’s office can be reached at 435-565-6503.

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