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Orthodontic Treatment Called ControlledArch

TMJ/TMD Treatment Park City, UTIf waking up with a sore jaw is something that you’re no stranger to, then you may have a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. Even though there are many causes of TMD, Dr. Peterson has found that one of the leading causes that he sees in patients with TMD is having teeth that fit into a narrow, retracted position in the mouth, because of poor growth or prior orthodontics. Even though traditional orthodontics help to align their teeth, they can also lead to an unnatural restriction and jaw relationship in the mouth which can result in TMD. To help you get back that wiggle room that your jaw needs to function, Dr. Peterson may recommend an orthodontic treatment called ControlledArch, or the ControlledArch treatment preceded by a mouth appliance for jaw bone correction.

What’s ControlledArch?

ControlledArch is designed for patients like you who need their jaw to be moved forward and into its natural position by not just widening the teeth in the arch, but correcting alignment. Even though orthodontic treatments like Invisalign can help you get straighter teeth, they have almost no role in correcting jaw problems or improving the appearance of your face. The main goal of ControlledArch is to align and position the jaw properly in relation to the bones of your face and jaw joint, which will ultimately help you alleviate your TMD symptoms.

How Can I Tell If ControlledArch Is Right For Me?

Not every TMD patient is going to be a suitable candidate for ControlledArch. During your initial consultation with Dr. Peterson, he will take a closer look at your mouth and then do a series of digital x-rays to get a closer look at your jaw. Then from there, he will work with an oral maxillofacial radiologist who specializes in facial growth to further determine your specific prescription for treatment. If you are a good candidate, then you can schedule your next appointment with Dr. Peterson to get fitted for this device.

Does It Hurt?

Similar to traditional metal braces and Invisalign a lot of patients experience some aching and soreness with ControlledArch as your jaw is slowly getting repositioned, but the good news is that the ceramic materials Dr. Peterson uses are almost as invisable as clear aligners.

If you suffer from TMD and have noticed that traditional therapies like massage, heat, and Ibuprofen aren’t working,then there may be something more to it like an overcrowding in the mouth. To learn more about ControlledArch and whether or not it can help you find the relief that you need, contact us at our Park City office today and call us at (435) 658-0678.

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