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3 Unique Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ/TMD Treatment Park City, Salt Lake City, & Heber UTHaving a swollen, tense, and painful jaw are three normal symptoms of a neuromuscular dentistry disorder called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. TMD is a condition that happens with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) flares up due to things like stress, tension, injury, jaw misalignment, and tooth grinding. However, there are also some fairly unique symptoms of TMJ that many of our patients are unaware of. Let’s take a closer look.

Ear Pain

As an adult, it’s pretty rare to get an ear infection— in fact, most ear infections happen in infants, babies, and children. If you have been getting chronic ear aches or even shooting pain in your ear, it actually may be a sign of a temporomandibular joint disorder. Because your TMJ is actually in front of your ear, it can sometimes cause patients to experience ear pain that’s similar to an ear infection.


Chronic headaches may as well be your worst nightmare— especially if you’re a parent to young kids. Did you know that your headache may be caused by excessive teeth grinding (bruxism) which can lead to TMD? The chronic tension in your jaw and tooth grinding can put a strain on your head and cause headaches in the process.

Back Pain

This may be the weirdest symptom of all because your back isn’t even remotely near your TMJ. However, this is also a very common symptom of this condition. Because the jaw clenching and tension can radiate through your body, many of our patients suffer from back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

With proper treatment from Dr. Paul Peterson, you should find relief from ear pain, headaches, and back pain— leaving you feeling like your normal self again. Ready to learn more about TMJ and TMD treatment? Schedule your consultation at our Park City office today: (435) 658-0678.

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