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Why You Should Avoid By-Mail Cosmetic Dentistry

You know that old saying ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is?’ Well, that saying can apply to many things, including orthodontics. While orthodontic treatment can be admittedly expensive, sometimes that so-called good deal is really a bad deal in disguise.

Recently, a lot of braces-by-mail operations have entered the orthodontics marketplace, offering a supposedly more convenient and affordable way to get braces. It works like this: you meet an individual who may or may not have any dental training whatsoever. This person takes images of your teeth and uploads them to a server, where they are reviewed by someone offsite. That someone may be a dentist, or they could be a technician. From there, clear aligners that are supposed to be custom to your mouth are created and then mailed to you. You wear these aligners for a prescribed amount of time, and new aligners are mailed to you when it’s time to swap them out.

Seems pretty easy, right? Not so fast. First of all, your treatment may never reach the eyes of a trained orthodontist or dentist. That in itself is problematic because the tech may or may not know what he or she is doing. Also, that tech could be operating with little supervision, so if they do make a mistake nobody is there to catch it.

Next, these by-mail aligners are made with a material that is inferior to the kind used in your dentist’s office. This is bad news for many reasons. First of all, the aligners Dr. Peterson uses are more durable. This means they are less likely to break, but more importantly, they are less likely to shift. This means your aligner -and your teeth- will stay where they’re supposed to during treatment.

Another caveat is that if you do run into a problem, you’re on your own. Your tech could be hundreds of miles away and not trained to treat orthodontic issues anyway. This would mean you either must go to a dentist or orthodontist anyway, or you must live with the problem and hope for the best. The latter is a dangerous idea, as a problem with your tooth positioning could lead to tooth loss if it’s severe enough.

The benefits of seeing a trained dentist or orthodontist for your orthodontic treatment are multifold. With regular supervision, problems can be avoided or corrected quickly, and your treatment can be adjusted based on your progress, not on someone else’s schedule.

If you are interested in getting started with an orthodontic smile makeover, contact Dr. Peterson. He provides a safe, effective orthodontic plan that’s a wise investment in your smile!

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