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Considering Dental Implants? Consider This!

If you are missing teeth, it can cause a lot more problems than just the missing teeth themselves. Missing teeth can cause a long list of issues that many people don’t take into account when their teeth are removed. Thankfully, dental implants are a beautiful, natural-looking solution to missing teeth. If you are considering dental implants, consider these reasons when making your decision.

Alignment Issues

Missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift, causing bite issues. This can cause pain and may even cause temporomandibular joint dysfunction because the bite alignment becomes compromised.

Bone Deterioration

Another problem caused by missing teeth is bone deterioration. This occurs in the jaw bone beneath the gaps where teeth are missing. Bone deterioration could result in the loss of portions of the jaw bone. Furthermore, the longer you let the bone deteriorate, the harder it becomes to replace the tooth with a dental implant.

Self-Esteem Issues

It goes without saying that missing teeth can cause insecurity, but did you know that it can affect everything from job prospects to job performance? Studies have shown that when people are missing teeth or have damaged or crooked teeth, they cover their mouth when they speak. They may also refuse to smile. That refusal to smile projects an image of coldness that human resources managers often take into consideration, whether subconsciously or not, costing applicants a chance at employment.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ dysfunction, can occur when your bite is misaligned, and your bite can become misaligned or more misaligned when you are missing teeth. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction can cause everything from tooth grinding to tinnitus to jaw, back and neck pain. It can even contribute to migraine headaches.

Facial Changes

Missing teeth can cause changes to the structure of the face, making it look hollowed or sunken. This can add years to your appearance.

Speech Issues

When we are missing teeth, it can cause our speech and pronunciation to suffer, because the tongue does not fall into its natural place to form words correctly. This can be embarrassing and make it difficult for others to understand you.

As you can see, there are many reasons that missing teeth can cause problems. Dental implants offer a permanent, healthy-looking solution and eliminate the problems caused by missing teeth. If your jaw and gums are healthy, you may be an excellent candidate for dental implants. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, please contact Dr. Peterson’s office and schedule a consultation today. He can be reached at 435-658-0678.

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