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How a Smile Makeover Can Boost Self-Esteem

There are many things in life that affect our self-esteem. Where we live, what car we drive, our relationship status and how we look all contribute to how we believe others see us, and more importantly how we feel about ourselves. But how important is our self-esteem, and how do our teeth play a role in that.

According to studies, self-esteem is very important, and the condition of our teeth plays a huge role in our self-esteem, or lack thereof.

It Starts With a Smile

Smiling is a universal symbol for friendliness. It shows that we are friendly, safe, and it makes us appear younger and more attractive. But when our smile is not as beautiful as it could be, it can take a big toll on our self-esteem. A recent study even found that even if we’re not feeling particularly happy, smiling can boost our mood- just by moving the muscles in our face. Aside from not boosting our mood, not smiling can lead to a host of other problems, including appearing standoffish or unfriendly. It can also cost us relationships and even jobs.

Studies have shown that when job applicants don’t smile during interviews, they are less likely to get the job. When our teeth aren’t as nice as we want them, we are less likely to smile, thus costing us job opportunities.

Even dating can be problematic. Studies have shown that smiling makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. When we don’t smile on dates, we aren’t seen as confident or friendly.

The Solution

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you wish you had the confidence to smile broadly without embarrassment? The solution is a smile makeover with Dr. Peterson. A smile makeover can encompass many procedures, including dentures, dental implants, crowns, veneers, and braces.

When you undergo a smile makeover, you don’t just improve your smile and physical health, you boost your mental health, too. A smile makeover will give you the confidence to smile openly, boosting your mood and your confidence.

To learn more about how smile makeover or full-mouth restoration can benefit you, please contact Dr. Peterson’s office and schedule a consultation today.

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