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Do I need to wear a nightguard?

Many patients who come into the office of Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Park City, Utah complaining of chronic headaches, pain in the jaw joint, and breakage of natural teeth and restoration may not have an explanation as to what is happening. Dr. Paul A. Peterson understands how frustrating this can be, but can evaluate the smile to determine if issues such as bruxism is the cause of these problems.

Understanding bruxism

Bruxism is the medical team for clenching and grinding of the teeth at night while patients sleep. Some patients experience bruxism every night, while others may only experience bruxism when they are dealing with high levels of stress. Stressful situations can cause patients to clench and grind, causing a host of problems with the smile. To treat bruxism, many dental professionals will recommend the use of a night guard. This oral appliance is worn at night to keep the jaw properly aligned, protect the natural teeth from damage, and to reduce the tension experienced due to clenching, relieving chronic headaches and muscle pain around the mouth.

What happens if I don’t wear my night guard?

Patients who have received a definitive diagnosis of bruxism but avoid wearing their night guard may continue to experience the symptoms that brought them to the dentist in the first place. Those who do not wear their oral appliance may notice:

  • Chronic headaches and migraine
  • Muscle pain around the jaw and mouth area
  • Broken teeth and dental restorations
  • Thinning of tooth enamel, causing increased sensitivity
  • Receding gum tissues
  • The loss of teeth from severe grinding
  • Poor dental arch alignment
  • Increased risk of conditions such as TMJ disorder

What type of night guard should I get?

While there are many options available over-the-counter at the local drugstore, a dentist can provide a custom night guard that fits properly and functions better. Dr. Paul A. Peterson uses impressions of the smile to create the appliance especially for the patient and their unique needs.

Considering a night guard for bruxism?

Contact Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry of Park City, Utah today to discuss your options. Dr. Paul A. Peterson can help patients determine if they need an oral appliance to address their clenching and grinding concerns. Call (435) 658-0678 today to request a consultation appointment at 1840 Sun Peak Drive, Suite #B101.

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