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How to Speed Up Your Oral Recovery Just In Time for Thanksgiving

General Dentistry Park City, UTWhether you just had a tooth pulled or a cavity filled, there is one thing for certain: you don’t want to be in pain during Thanksgiving dinner. Even though you can eat mashed potatoes and gravy without worrying about yelping out in pain, it’s not the same unless you get to really indulge in everything. Luckily, by following a few tips from Dr. Paul Peterson, you can hopefully speed up your recovery just in time for Thanksgiving.

Take Your Antibiotics

If you just had a tooth pulled, you may have been given an antibiotic to prevent infection. Although it can be easy to forget a pill or two here and there, make sure that you are consistent and take all of your antibiotics until they are gone— this will help shield you from getting a nasty infection.

Take Pain Medication

Depending on the type of procedure you had done, you may want to take some over-the-counter pain medications for the first few days afterward to help ease swelling and pain.

Ice It

If you had a tooth pulled, then you likely have enough inflammation on your face to scare yourself in the mirror. In addition to taking an over-the-counter pain pill, make sure that you consistently ice it for the first day after the extraction.


One of the best things you can do when you are recovering from an oral procedure is to hunker down and rest. Even if the Park City mountains are practically calling your name, take a day or two off and hang out inside— the more rested your body is, the faster you will recover.

If you have an appointment to get a cavity filled or a tooth pulled with Dr. Paul Peterson right before the holiday, we will do our best to ensure that you can enjoy your big dinner.

To learn more about how you can speed up your recovery or to schedule a consultation, contact our Park City office today!

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