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The Importance of Replacing Lost Teeth

Many people experience missing teeth as they get older, either because the teeth fall out or because they are pulled out due to excess damage. Regardless of the cause of lost teeth, leaving gaps in your smile can be a dangerous idea, especially for your remaining teeth. Here, we will discuss why it’s important to replace lost teeth – and how you can take the first step toward filling in the gaps.


Some people may be able to laugh off a missing tooth, but for many people, missing teeth can be extremely detrimental to self-esteem. Studies have shown time and time again that missing, damaged or crooked teeth can cause self-esteem issues that can in turn make it more difficult to live a happy, productive life.

One study found that teeth are one of the first things people notice when meeting a new person. This is something we are unconsciously judged on when meeting potential romantic partners, interviewing for jobs and more. In fact, it has been found that people who are missing teeth have a lesser chance of getting a job based on their smile – whether it’s because of the way they look, or the fact that they do not smile or cover their mouth while speaking.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (also known as TMJ dysfunction or TMJD) is a condition in which the temporomandibular joint of the skull – which allow the jaws to open and close and move up and down and side to side – become misaligned. This can sometimes occur when you lose a tooth or teeth, as you may begin to move your jaw or chew differently, causing the joints to become worn or misaligned.

Bone Degradation

Did you know that once you’ve lost a tooth, your entire jaw bone can be in danger of bone degradation? That’s why it’s imperative to replace missing teeth – the sooner the better. Whether you replace it with dentures, a bridge or with the recommended dental implant, replacing a lost tooth is essential to your jaw health.

Teeth Movement

When you are missing teeth, your remaining teeth can shift, causing them to become misaligned. This can cause pain and crooked teeth. It can also cause chipping and cracking because as your bite shifts, your teeth come together in a new way when you bite down. It can also cause bruxism, or tooth grinding.

What Can You Do?

As we mentioned before, replacing missing teeth as soon as possible is the best way to eliminate many of these problems. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, contact Dr. Peterson to learn more about your options for replacing them. Call the office at 435-565-6503.

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