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Take a Look Inside your Dental Checkup

dental check upDental checkups are important to the appearance, function, and comfort of your teeth and gums. As much as you may know this, the entire routine of visiting the dentist every six months may seem monotonous and, well, unnecessary. Let’s take a look inside the average dental checkup to see what really goes on during these visits.

Oral Health Assessment
You know that your dentist looks at all of the surfaces of your teeth, even those not seen in a standard visual exam. X-rays facilitate the observation of roots and other structures. The manual exam evaluates enamel strength and also measures the health of gum tissue. Pockets around teeth indicate inflammation and the presence of unhealthy bacteria. The obvious problem with bacteria is that it can cause painful cavities and gum disease. The hidden problems of oral bacteria can be even worse.

Dental check-ups are an important aspect of maintaining optimal health and wellness. Studies have clearly indicated a link between the mouth and the body, specifically in regards to bacteria. Because these microorganisms have been implicated in the risk for serious health events such as stroke and heart attack, as well as in the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, and even pregnancy complications, there are ample reasons to make sure you see your dentist for routine check-ups.

Oral Cancer
Chances are, you are not even aware of your dentist evaluating your mouth and surrounding areas for oral cancer. This aspect of the dental exam is, nonetheless, vital to general health. Research demonstrates that oral cancer is treatable and that the prognosis for long-term health improves the sooner treatment is conducted. Your dentist knows how to spot abnormalities that may suggest the onset of oral cancer, and how to confirm and treat this condition effectively.

Breath Mint, Anyone?
Many people become painfully aware of their breath before they see the dentist, but this is no time to pop in a breath mint. Your breath holds clues that give us valuable insight into your hygiene habits and your general state of oral health. Of course, it may also hold clues as to what you had for lunch, so brush, but that is sufficient.

Routine dental care is all about you and your health. Schedule your visit now to save stress later.

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