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What to Know About BPA and Your Oral Hygiene

Dental Services Park City, UTNow, more than ever, patients are cautious about what they are putting in their bodies. With the organic movement taking virtually every grocery store shelf by storm, it’s never been easier to eat healthily. However, watching what you put into your body is about more than just what you are eating. It’s about what you’re drinking, the air you’re breathing, the medications you are taking, and the chemicals you may unknowingly be exposing your body to. A few years ago, there was a public outrage regarding a chemical called BPA which can be found in plastics like water bottles and even in some dental supplies.

Dr. Paul Peterson released a firm statement regarding this issue to ensure that patients felt calm and reassured. But let’s reiterate the importance of understanding BPA and dental products.

There are two types of dental compounds that dental materials can be made from that are particularly controversial: Bis-Dma and Bis-Gma. Bis-Dma has been known to break down into BPA in the saliva for around three hours after a procedure.

One of the things that Dr. Paul Peterson pointed out in his article is that we have never used any kind of sealant that contains this harmful chemical. Additionally, after the release of this article nearly ten years ago, Dr. Paul Peterson himself went through every material in our entire office to ensure that none of them contained Bis-DMA and he discovered that none of them did.

Just as Dr. Paul Peterson upheld his word regarding the safety of yours and your family’s oral health several years ago, he continues to hold these same strict values. One of the main goals of our office is to not only ensure that you get good dental care but that you get safe dental care.

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