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Dental Health Care for the Sweet Tooth

dental careMost of us are aware that eating or drinking sugary food and beverages can wreak havoc on our teeth, especially without proper hygiene. If you have a sweet tooth, what can you do? You can still satisfy your sugary desires and maintain healthy teeth through a few surefire tips:

Brush. Brush. Brush.

Brushing the teeth is always a staple in any oral care practice, as this is the way for you to rid your teeth of foreign debris and bacteria. Don’t skip brushing your teeth due to busy schedules. Better yet, carry a disposable or a portable toothbrush at all times. It’s not too much of a hassle to dash to the restroom and brush your teeth to remove any particles from a sugary snack. Here’s an extra tip: Regularly change your toothbrush at home, as bacteria can build up over time.

Gargle with a mouth rinse

If carrying a toothbrush around can seem like a hassle, gargle with a mouth rinse during break times to remove as much sugar stuck in your teeth as possible. Ideally, a good mouth rinse contains fluoride, but if you’re really out of resources, rinsing with plain water can still help.

Consider less sugary snacks

Control your sweet cravings, and choose less sugary snacks if you can. Consider eating a banana instead of a donut. But if that’s just not happening, you can still weigh your choices. For instance, a slice of poundcake should be less sticky to the teeth than a fudge brownie.

Visit the team at Peters

Having a sweet tooth makes your twice-yearly professional cleanings with the team at Peters Dental even more important. Call us at 281-486-8061 to make your next appointment.

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