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3 Alternatives to Hand Out Instead of Candy to Trick or Treaters

General Dentistry Park City, UTThe spookiest part about Halloween may be the amount of candy your kids will consume. Studies show that about 73% of children ages 2-5 will eat candy on Halloween and that nearly 90% of kids ages 6-8 will eat candy— which means that although you may be influential over what your little ones eat, you likely can’t stop them from indulging a little. And, candy isn’t just bad for their health, the excess sugar is bad for their teeth as well. To help keep extra candy out of the house and off your little one’s teeth, try handing out an alternative instead.

Glow-In-the-Dark Jewelry

We’re not talking diamonds here— we are talking dollar store plastic jewelry. You know, spider rings and bone bracelets. Kids love having something fun and spooky to wear as they spend the rest of the night trick or treating, so handing out some plastic glow-in-the-dark jewelry will be a big hit. Plus, it will help parents keep an extra tab on their kids in the dark.


Encourage your neighborhood kids to skip the candy and try being creative instead. Big box retailers typically sell craft dough or silly putty in bulk, so you will have enough to hand out to everyone who comes to your door.

As a fun tip, start a hashtag and have your neighbors send you pictures of creative things they’ve made with their play dough— the winner will get a healthy treat.

Apple Slices

Parents used to fear to find a caramel apple or homemade treat in their child’s candy bag because of concerns about poison. However, because more and more schools are handing out fruit and veggies to students throughout the day, it’s now easier than ever to find small bags of prepackaged apple slices; which means that you can safely give children a healthy treat without worrying their parents in the process.

Consider taking a healthier approach this Halloween and handing out alternative things like those listed above. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Peterson in our Park City office to learn more about healthy dental tips.

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