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Treat tooth sensitivity today!

When patients are ready to indulge in ice cream, they may experience a sensation or discomfort when enjoying their favorite foods. Not only could pain be a sign of a cavity, it may also be an indication of sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can occur to anyone, and can make it difficult to enjoy one’s favorite […]

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How to Soothe a Toothache

In between popsicles, cocktails, S’Mores, and fresh fruit, summertime may as well be nicknamed sugar-time. Even if you keep up on your bruising and dental exams, you can still start to experience a toothache. If you start to experience a little bit of pain every time you bite down on something or if you’re dealing […]

General Dentistry Park City, UT

How to Choose the Right Dentist

Having to get a new dentist for whatever reason can feel like you’re breaking up with a longtime boyfriend or girlfriend. Not only does your dentist get to know you and your family, but they get to know literally every part and angle of your mouth. If you live in the Salt Lake Valley or […]

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What to Know About BPA and Your Oral Hygiene

Now, more than ever, patients are cautious about what they are putting in their bodies. With the organic movement taking virtually every grocery store shelf by storm, it’s never been easier to eat healthily. However, watching what you put into your body is about more than just what you are eating. It’s about what you’re […]

General Dentistry Park City, UT

3 Myths About Gingivitis

Swallowing gum doesn’t take seven years to digest and breaking a mirror won’t give you years of bad luck. Although you may know the answers to these common myths, when it comes to your oral health, you may not be able to distinguish between fact and fiction. As one of the most common oral diseases, […]

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