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Jaw Development Orthodontics Park City UT

ControlledArch ™ Orthodontics

Sometimes moving a patient’s teeth with traditional orthodontics can lose track of what the final goal should be — to have a smile and bite that match the patient’s facial anatomy. That’s where the ControlledArch ™ Treatment System can differ from traditional bands and wires orthodontics.

Dr. Peterson now offers the ControlledArch ™ system as an improved orthodontic option.

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What is ControlledArch ™ Orthodontics?

Traditional orthodontics can sometimes require unnecessary invasive procedures, such as tooth extraction, to basically straighten the teeth in a narrower space. ControlledArch ™ Orthodontics addresses the jaw and spacing issues first, before it moves the teeth. This makes the final result match the patient’s facial characteristics, along with providing a beautiful, straight, aligned smile.

How is ControlledArch ™ different than traditional orthodontics?

controlledarch orthodontics park city utControlledArch ™ Orthodontics looks at the patient’s oral foundation, not just the alignment of his or her teeth. Traditional orthodontics often seeks to straighten the teeth in the position they are in, whether that position is the most natural or not. This may be an overly crowded position, and to keep the teeth in this position extractions or other restorative procedures may be needed, along with aligning the teeth. But these invasive changes can all be made so that the teeth fit into an unnatural narrow position. This can lead to problems with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and sleep apnea because the jaw isn’t in its proper position. Dr. Peterson knows this all too well. After years of helping patients suffering with TMD and sleep apnea an unfortunate large percentage of his patients are those who have recently finished orthodontic treatment or were treated years earlier.

ControlledArch ™ starts with jaw alignment and positioning. The goal is to get the jaw into its natural, genetic alignment. This is usually a wider position, which precludes tooth extraction for ControlledArch ™ patients. ControlledArch ™ Orthodontics handles the physiologic development of the arch…before the teeth are straightened.

Dr. Peterson uses 3-D imaging technology and partners with Oral Maxillofacial Radiologists who specialize in the research and development of proper facial growth for cutting-edge analysis of proper facial, head, neck, airway and joint development for each and every patient.

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controlled arch orthodontics park city ut

How is ControlledArch ™ different than Invisalign?

ControlledArch ™ treatments usually seek to bring the jaw forward to its natural position, which not only widens it, but corrects alignment front to back along with tilt and rotations. This is true 3-D development. Much more comprehensive than 2-D widening of an arch. Think of all the ways an airplane moves when in the air. Invisalign is not designed for these kinds of movements. Invisalign is meant for more moderate tooth movement, keeping the teeth in their current positions, but straightening them.

How much time does ControlledArch ™ Orthodontics take?

There are a number of specific factors that will ultimately determine both the treatment duration and the methods needed. However, the ControlledArch ™ Treatment System tends to achieve the necessary changes in around 30 percent less time than with traditional orthodontics.

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How does ControlledArch ™ Orthodontics adjust my teeth?

The ControlledArch ™ system employs large lingual arches to gain molar expansion and then uses the archwires to expand the arch. In most cases, this widens the arch to gain space. Next, the top and bottom jaw are moved forward just a bit to a more natural position. These changes not only affect the teeth, but also improve airflow for fewer problems with sleep apnea, and they eliminate the jaw alignment problems that lead to TMJ. When the patient’s diagnosis reveals that more development is needed then functional appliances are used in conjunction with ControlledArch ™ techniques.

Is ControlledArch ™ treatment painful?

There is some aching with this system, similar to traditional orthodontics. But since the bands are on for roughly one-third less time, there is that much less pain involved.

How much does ControlledArch ™ cost?

Every patient’s mouth and jaw alignment are unique, and so is the treatment plan that Dr. Peterson maps out. Once he examines your situation, he’ll discuss your treatment approach. At that point, he can give you an accurate estimate of what the work will cost.

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AGGA ™ – Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance

AGGA Park City UTTraditional orthodontics is concerned with the rearrangement of teeth to fit within the existing jaw structure. In essence, it is about straight teeth. Yet TMD, sleep-disordered breathing and malocclusion run rampant in society today. They are all linked and share a common cause – the failure of the jaws to develop to their genetic potential. The Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA™) uses physiologic processes to stimulate the body to lay down new bone. This is a normal body process, but it only happens with the correct provocation.

The Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance is not an expansion appliance, it is so much more. It acts through a repeated stimulus to the nasopalatine nerve, a branch of the trigeminal nerve. This stimulus is delivered by the tongue pressing on the special pad overlying this nerve. Each press from the tongue delivers a message to brain. The tool, which is the rest of the appliance, produces a micro-trauma that the body then responds to by going into repair mode and laying down new bone, just as it would to any trauma such as a fracture or increased load.

Jaw Development Orthodontics™ through the techniques of the Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance™ (AGGA) and ControlledArch Braces™ (CAB) help to re-stimulate the genetic potential and go a long way to correcting the foundation. This enables improved functional spaces for the TMJ, cervical spine, airway, jaws, teeth and facial development, no matter what your age.

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RGGA ™ – Removable Growth Guidance Appliance (MX Removable Osseo-Restoration™ Appliance)

RGGA Park City UTFor patients under 9 years of age a RGGA is the treatment of choice. By intervening at this stage of growth we take advantage of the displacement and remodeling of bone occurring in the facial region. Its design is based on an appliance that has served orthodontic practitioners for decades. The modifications provide huge advantages for three-dimensional growth. We correct corrupted growth patterns and change the trajectory of growth resulting in normal facial balance. The complex forces of Craniofacial Biology are monitored so the child develops to their full genetic potential and becomes an adult free of the burdens of TMD and breathing disorders.

There are monthly office visits for 8-10 months after which the child is fit with cemented retention bands that remain in place until the permanent teeth have all come in. Dr. Peterson and his team monitor the patient every six months during this period.

The majority of patients, having had growth patterns corrected with the RGGA, will need little or no braces after complete eruption of the adult teeth. For patients those who do need braces or Invisalign, it is most often only 3-6 months for minor esthetic improvements. Only those with severe crowding take longer. These patients still spend a fraction of the time and expense in braces.

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