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Category Archives: sleep apnea

Treating Sleep Apnea May Reduce Dementia Risk

  Dementia is a serious problem affecting upwards of 5 million Americans. Dementia is defined as the loss of cognitive function by the National Institute on Aging. Some of its hallmarks include trouble thinking, reasoning, and remembering to such a degree that it prevents the affected from being able to function as they did pre-dementia. […]

Researchers Find Higher BMI in CPAP Users

  Another new study has been released about the side effects of using – or not properly using- continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, and it could mean big trouble for your waistline. The study, which was published in The Annals of The American Thoracic Society found that patients who are treated with CPAP therapy, […]

Sleep Apnea Rates Increasing Among Military Personnel

  A recent study by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio has revealed some startling statistics about sleep apnea, insomnia, and the United States military. It seems that rates of insomnia and sleep apnea among active-duty service members have skyrocketed in recent years (between 2005 to 2019). In fact, insomnia rates […]

Cognitive Impairment and Sleep Deprivation

There’s no denying that sleep is an important part of our lives. It can help us stay alert and productive during the day. It affects our mood, our weight, and can aid in a healthy lifestyle. When we lose sleep or simply can’t sleep, it can throw our whole system off. Sleep deprivation can cause […]

Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea

Do you have trouble sleeping, or wake constantly throughout the night? Do you feel lethargic and tired throughout the day? Do people tell you that you snore? Do you feel depressed or have a low mood? You could be suffering from sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that occurs when the affected person wakes repeatedly due […]

Smart Robots Could Someday Diagnose Sleep Apnea

Having trouble sleeping but don’t know why? Do you feel the effects during the day with excessive tiredness, lethargy, or sluggishness? Are you feeling depressed or low without explanation, or do you notice worsening symptoms of pre-existing conditions like diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease? You could have an undiagnosed condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is […]

How Sleep Apnea Affects Depression and Anxiety

If you have sleep apnea, you may have heard of, or even noticed, many side effects of this illness. Sleep apnea can take a negative toll on the entire body, causing or worsening not just labored breathing during the night, but many round-the-clock problems like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. It has also […]

Screening for OSA in Bariatric Surgery

When it comes to life, there are a lot of unsolved mysteries floating around out there. Which came first, the chicken or the egg, for example. But while these mysteries are fun to ponder, there is at least one that’s much more serious: which should come first- sleep apnea screening or bariatric surgery? Recently, a […]

Treating Sleep Apnea Could Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk

A recent article in the Journal of the American Heart Association authored by Esra Tasali, MD, Director from the Sleep Research Center at the University of Chicago Medicine, and Sushmita Pamidi, MD of McGill University in Montreal has revealed a connection between treating obstructive sleep apnea and reducing cardiovascular disease in adults. The study examined […]

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